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The Conspicuous Pucker

Intrigued by a social media era ordinary ostentation, mass consumerism, and selfies everywhere, the painted "selfie pucker" and other symbols are a reflection of self-absorption and a call for society to connect with the world in a more genuine way. My art is intended to raise consciousness in the world.

"Selfless in this selfie world" is a series that juxtaposes social media narcissism with present-day adversity. I use art a medium to focus on those in the world needing our true attention. Having embarked on a trip throughout East Africa, I photographed  stories of individuals to incorporate into my work. Through a photo transfer process, I've painted a mixed media series with acrylic on plexiglass and canvas.


Artwork is available with Hysteria Gallery in Milan and Quogue Gallery in New York. Connect with me @art.by.clementine on Instagram.